We have a new name! After months of uncertainty and asking friends, family, professionals, and the public their opinion we have finally chosen a name to replace Meringue Bake Shop. We had so many discussions at the market, in the kitchen, at the bar, online, and on our porches with anyone willing to listen. It was thanks to all of you who participated and the dozens of names you suggested that we finally found The One.  We felt inspired and emboldened. Finally we took our inspiration from the good gentlemen pictured (with Liz on the left and Caitlin on the right). Their names are Phil and they are our dads and that's why we are now Philomena Bake Shop.

It seemed just like a quirky coincidence that our fathers have the same name. Turns out they have more in common than that. These two fellas are always in motion taking care of their families, their homes, their work, and their many projects. Our dads taught us that life is for living and that means the big important gestures like camping trips and showing up at ballet recitals but it also means taking care of the day to day. A baking business is very much like that too. The wedding cakes, our lovely clients, and the eventual shop are wonderful but it's the hours we put in washing dishes and floors, mixing batters, hauling ingredients, bookkeeping, and juggling other jobs that lay the foundation for the rest. So we give our love and our thanks to our two Phils!


Liz and Caitlin


Pretty little macaron favors for a wedding!

Custom Cakes

Choose your own unique flavor combination and design your special cake in collaboration with our experienced cake chef. Everything we do is made from scratch and with the best of ingredients.


Sweet Tables

French style macarons in a rainbow of colors and flavors, hand-cut marshmallows, individual petit-fours, and of course, homestyle cookies and cupcakes can make any table sweet.

that's a sweet table.JPG